Our Story

Arcadia was started in 2002 with a focus on maintaining/restoring the beauty of and preserving the integrity of exterior wood (decks, siding, log homes). Over the years, our attention has shifted as customer requests for expanded services increased. By 2006 we were performing more home exterior repaints than anything else. Expertise in wood restoration helped us excel in surface preparation and we began to rely more strongly on word of mouth advertising as homeowners noted the excellence of our work and the quality of our employees. By the end of 2008, we were thankful for our strong customer base that allowed us to grow through the Great Recession. This growth increased our reputation and positioned us to work on more commercial projects starting in 2011.

By the spring of 2015, we recognized a need to redirect some of our attention back to our residential customers, as our commercial projects were beginning to dominate our time and resources. At the beginning of 2016, John Simpson and Marc Denis formalized a partnership to allow leadership and support of both residential and commercial projects. This partnership ushered in the greatest period of growth for the company and has permitted internal development and maturation of the company and its dedication to employees that is important to both partners.

Through both good times and difficult projects, our goals have been the same over 17 years.

  • Perform quality work (especially within a project’s budget constraints)
  • Communicate early and often with our customers
  • Create jobs that are fulfilling and sustainable for our employees

Our customers have grown confident in our excitement and ability to tackle difficult jobs that require thought, experience and innovation. Internally, we encourage our employees to maintain safe work standards and to bring everyday diligence to quality and efficient production. We are excited about the future and the opportunity to work within Chattanooga to continue to create a company of high standards and expectations for our customers and our employees.

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